Salon Hours

Monday9am - 5pm
Tuesday8am - 5pm
Wednesday8am - 5pm
Thursday8am - 5pm
Friday8am - 5pm
Saturday8am - 2pm
You can always call for early or late appointments also.

Nail Care - Services

Child's Manicure - $10.00

Your child is treated in a very light manner with most attention being on the polish. Filing the nails and a moisturizing massage complete this little princess treatment.

Child's Pedicure - $15.00

Your child is attended to in a very light manner. Experiencing a jet-studded pedicure tub, with vibrations of massage, and light attention to clipping, and filing the nails, an exfoliating sugar scrub, a moisturizing massage, and polish of choice.

Gel Shellac Polish - $30.00 (about an hour)

Your nails are carefully clipped and or filed and cuticles attended to. Following this will be an amazing 4 step gel polish technique that dries instantly upon completion with a swipe of alcohol. This manicure will last about 2 weeks. Fills not needed. A new gel polish application would be required to maintain Shellac.

Nail Art

Discuss prices and details with nailtech. (priced in accordance with level of difficulty.) Usually $1.00 per nail

Polish Change - $8.00 and up

Acrylic Fill - $17.00

Acrylic Nail Set - $35.00

Tips & acrylic nails applied to your own nails includes polish. Sculpted acrylics customized to your nails $45.00

Basic Manicure - $15.00

Shaping your nails, attending the cuticles,massaging with warm lotion and polish application completes this wonderful service.

French Manicure - $22.00

The basic manicure is completed with a french polish technique that gives a natural, but professional appearance.

Pink & White Fills - $22.00

Spa Manicure - $22.00

Starts with a special European manicure. Dry skin is exfoliated from hands prior to being massaged with aromatherapy oils and sealed with paraffin wax gloves. This helps to improve elasticity, softness and color to your hands & cuticles. Read More...

Basic Pedicure - $27.00

This service includes a great foot soak, trimming the toenails,attention to the cuticles and callouses. A wonderful leg and foot massage, finished with polish.

Pumpkin Spice- The Seasonal Signature Pedicure - $50.00

Indulge your feet in Autumn with the soothing, rejuvenating touch of pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon and clove. This jet-studded foot-bath engulfs your feet in a rich sea of luxury. Following a standard spa pedicure, you will experience a brown sugar-spice exfoliating scrub, a hydrating pumpkin-spice foot mask, and a buttery smooth spice moisturizer. Complete with choice of polish. Please allow an hour. Fall promotion- Available now through December 1st 2015.

Spa Pedicure - $45.00

Enjoy this massaging chair, as your pedicurest takes you through the basic pedicure and beyond to include exfiliation,and masque. French polish technique add $5.00

Toenail Enhancements - $35.00

Add strength,length, and beauty to your toenails